March 27

Colossal Mistake With YouTube


The Colossal Mistake with YouTube – Why You Should Never Buy Subs or Watch Hours.

…And it’s not for the reason you think, either.

I was researching information on using YouTube for affiliate marketing and came across this salutary lesson on why we should never try and cheat the system.
We might think we’ve found a great “short cut” but, as the lesson below shows, these “cheats or hacks” don’t always turn out the way we thought.
Anyway, let’s see where this one went wrong with…

When you read the headline, you probably thought, “Yeah, you’ll get caught and YouTube will shut down your channel.”

And yes, that is a possibility. However, I want to share the story of someone who actually did get away with purchasing subscribers and watch hours in order to monetize her channel and what happened next. Mary’s idea (not her real name) was to build a ‘faceless’ channel filled with great content and monetize it as quickly as possible.

What is a “faceless” channel?

A faceless channel is simply one of those channels that offers content without attaching a certain host to it. Maybe it’s a top ten channel (The Top Ten Robert Redford Movie Romances) or a ‘how to’ channel (How to Bake Delicious Chocolate Bread). The point is to let the content carry the day rather than the host.

So, how did Mary try to monetize her channel?

When Mary started one of these channels in 2020, she wanted it to be monetized with advertising as fast as possible because she needed the money asap. YouTube requires 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within the last 12 months to secure monetization status.

A person could get to this level by posting great content and driving traffic to those videos or…by buying subscribers and watch hours. Mary chose the second option and less than three weeks later YouTube invited her to the YouTube partner program. So far so good, right?

But here’s what happened next:

Mary continued to post great content, but her videos never went viral. In fact, they never generated more than a few dozen views, and certainly didn’t generate any income. All in all, Mary posted over 100 videos. Just imagine the time and effort it took her to make those 100 plus videos which resulted in very few views and no income at all.

Why was there no viewer engagement?

Well, here’s why: When you start out on YouTube, the channel doesn’t know anything about your content or who will want to watch it. That’s why YouTube wants 1000 subscribers, so that it can figure out who your audience is. And, when you have 1000 real fans who actively engage with your content, YouTube will show your content to other people with similar interests as your original 1000 subscribers.

You post a video, your subscribers watch it, and YouTube then sends you more views from similar viewers and your channel grows.

But, when the people you've paid don't watch the videos?

But when your 1000 subscribers are people who don’t care about your content, then they won’t watch it. And when they don’t watch it, YouTube doesn’t push your content any further. Why would it? As far as the YouTube algorithm is concerned, even your own subscribers don’t like your content, so they certainly aren’t going to show it to anyone else.

After 100 plus videos created, and the money she spent on buying subscribers and hours viewed, Mary learned this lesson the hard way.

Conclusion: By trying to cheat the system, Mary spent time, money, and energy, which would have been better spent monetizing her channel the correct way. However, it can be overwhelming to try and set up a new YouTube channel from scratch if you’ve never done anything like this before. It’s so easy to get it “not quite right” or, if you are trying to cheat, get it downright wrong.

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